The Tears

West of the main continent of Karramesh, there is an arquipelago of islands known as The Tears. They exist near the northwest corner of the continent, off the coasts of Krunn, and they take several days to reach by ship. They’re named after the shape of the islands, like droplets that splashed on the ocean.

The weather in The Tears is cold and dry, and specially windy. It snows for some part of the year, and rains most of the rest. The waters are difficult to roam with many currents and undercurrents, and only experienced sailors can navigate the islands with confidence. Most of the land on the islands is grassland or rocky cliffs, with the bigger islands including evergreen forested areas.
The waters around the islands is filled with jagged rocks and many many ships have crashed on the shores of The Tears.

The people who live there are a secluded and secretive civilization. These Tearsmen are a druidic people who believe in an ancient form of the Gods, and perform strange rituals among the evergreen forests. They speak a different language from the mainland, an old druidic one, and live in hidden villages among the rock cliffs or forests and are hostile to people who land on their lands uninvited. They often ambush and capture ships that come near their coasts, or people who manage to come to shore without permission. They are experts in camouflage, using the foliage and land around expertly, and when they reveal themselves to people, they wear totemic masks in the shape of beasts to hide their faces and intimidate foes. This gives them a reputation among mainland people as ‘walking spirits’ who capture any invaders, and many a stories to scare children among mainlanders exist, of Tearsmen coming in the night and dragging naughty children into the dark.

Not a lot is known about what kind of resources the islands provide, or how many Tearsmen exist, but nations and cities will perform trade from time to time with them. These are very difficult to pursue and usually require several expeditions with representatives of these nations. Due to the difficulty of navigation and general lack of important resources, the Tears have remained independent. Among one resource the Tears can provide that is very rare in the mainland are special black pearls that can only be found in a specific species of mollusk, called the Sea Widow. These creatures exist plentifully in the waters around the Tears and the Tearsmen are proficient in the fishing and extraction of these pearls. These black pearls, amusingly named Black Tears, are very good conduits for magical experiments and used in crafting many potions, making them very valuable.

Many speculate that the Tearsmen were once barbarians of Northern Krunn who were shunned by their people and formed an exile colony in these islands and developed their own culture and language through generations.

The Tears

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