Situated around the center of Karramesh, Osiron is a rising kingdom nation. Ruled by the same family for the past 3 centuries, the Malusbane family, it occupies a significant portion of the land, and it is one of the few nations able to stand up to the Empire of the Sun, whom it borders to the southeast.

The nation is made of a few major cities(the biggest of which is their coastal capital, Portul), farmlands, smaller towns and villages. Most of the nation is hills with a more mountainous area to the West, where it borders the Crescent Peaks.

Osiron has a valiant and highly trained army, and with their beneficial relation with Alphadron, they have managed to maintain a relatively modern military. Siege weaponry, high quality metals allied to magic infused weapons, and teachers of war, are all amply purchased by their rich farmland and mining ventures. But above the technology, the citizens of Osiron are the core of their power, the most competent armed force in the world.
Each soldier is tended to and diligently drilled for a long time, and their military tactics are kept up to date and innovative. Added to that, a large percentage of the civilian population is volutarily drafted into the army.
This fervor for a well armed civilian force comes from a time when the nation was not called Osiron, when it went by the name of Malus, and was ruled by a tyrant called Janus Orktyrr.

Janus Orktyrr was a lich that had disguised itself as a man, and infiltrated the higher echelons of nobility. He raised to power using subterfuge, assassination and dark magic over a long period of time and when he sat on the throne, it was too late to stop him. For decades, Malus was ruled with an iron fist and blood on the streets. People were sacrificed, borders were shut, and Janus’ powerful grip on the nation seemed to be impossible to stop. Then, the paladin Osir Bane, who’s wife had been a victim of Janus’ terror, raised a revolt, and after an intense and grueling campaign of battles, he raided Portul and Janus’ castle, and slew the creature who took his wife from him. Mortally wounded from the clash, Osir slowly dragged himself to the throne, where he took the first bit of rest since he began the revolt, and died sitting on it, with a smile. His son was taken as the new king. Since then, the Malusbane family is revered widely by the whole country, and the throne where Osir passed away, nicknamed the Last Rest, is where every king since Osir sits to rule Osiron.

In the present day, Osiron is ruled by Besir II, an old, wise, sympathetic man, called by some a soft and weak king. His son, Prince Targus, has grown to become a promising figure, with many campaigns against the Empire and Krunn under his belt.He is loved by people and soldiers, though rumours run of uncertainties amongst the family.

Osiron resists any attempts of military invasions viciously. Their soldiers are a terrifying sight, brought up on Osir’s fervent loyalty and faith in their brothers-in-arms, and the nation thrives well with good weather, soil and coastal tradings.


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