Karramesh is the main continent of the Gayah Falling setting.

It spans quite some distance, going from a cold winter, with snow and wind in the north, to a hot dry landed, savannah weather in the southernmost parts.

In terms of size, Karramesh would roughly equate in size to the continent of South America in our world, perhaps a bit smaller.

Geographically, it is very oddly shaped, with most of the land split into 5 super peninsulas, along with some major island systems, as if the continent was cracked a long time ago.

The north limits of the continent are made of two super peninsulas, lined with mountain ranges to the north coast, beyond which lie the Dark Sea, an expanse of water that is continuously night due to being so close to the pole of the planet. A exception to this mountain line is the nation sized crater structure called The Cataclysm, created over a thousand years ago. This crater has caused great upheaval and changes in the land, shaping the nations and people of Karramesh. These peninsulas are home to the Krunn kingdom to the west peninsula, and the Deadlands to the East peninsula.

The further down one goes, the better the weather gets and more vegetation grows. To the west coast, a series of city-states have grown and created an alliance to keep them safe from the surrounding big nations. This is also where the city of Alphadron, a huge and technologically advanced city lies. The further one goes east however, the thicker the land becoems with forest, creatures, and mystery. The east is mostly empty of people due to being covered in a huge sprawling almost tropical jungle, called the Kanku Jungle. This jungle hides deep in it to the east coast, the mysterious Wall, a structure impossibly large, that hides something unknown inside it.

Near the center of the continent, exist some small nations and forest, some of which contain the last Elven kingdoms. This land is mostly peaceful.

The south of the continent is made of 3 more super peninsulas. The westmost one includes Alphadron, the Crescent Peaks and the desert like land of the Rocky Deaths, a big sprawling land filled with horrible creatures and races, lined with a series of cliffy coasts where many ships have crashed in the past. The central peninsula is home to the largest nation in the world currently, the Empire of the Sun, which occupies the entire peninsula and a bit further than that. The land here is mostly grasslands and dry lands. The eastmost peninsula is a small protrusion, occupied by the Kanku Jungle, and instead of a huge peninsula, to the south of it lies the biggest island of Karramesh, Melehedron. Melehedron is home to strange small tribes, cults and people, who have very little interaction with the outside world due to their hostility with outsiders. Melehedron is home to a dormant volcano, from which the island is named.

Karramesh is home to several nations and cultures, all of which worship more or less a variation of the 8 gods. Creatures of mythical and horrible nature roam the land sporadically, however, civilization seems to have pushed these beings to the fringes of the land. Dragons are generally unseen and unheard, Giants are nearly extinct, and the higher races prosper.

Under Karramesh, deep down underground, the land turns into a place called the Underdark, where the land feels alive and all manner of strange beings exist, almost like a separate world.


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