Kanku jungle

Kanku is a rainforest jungle that is located at the eastern super peninsula of Karramesh. It covers virtually the entire land there, from north coast where it shores the Dragon’s Tail, to the South shore covered in reefs and warm water. The east coast is bordered by jungle mountains covered in myst from the humidity, and the jungle slowly tapers out to the west and gives way to more moderate environments, like swamps, grasslands, and forests.

Much of the land in Kanku is uncharted, and what is charted is imprecise or sometimes incorrect due to the harshness and disorienting nature of the place. Expeditions into the jungle are always dangerous, and due to the sheer size of it, trying to save people who have been lost is nearly hopeless, as rescue parties are unsuccessful or are themselves lost to the jungle.

Most people know not to venture too deep in, but a few travelers have found ways in with relative safety. The biggest reason why anyone would try to venture into the forest, is due to the legendary structure known as the Wall, a gigantic and unmeasurable stone facade, miles long and thousand of feet tall, nestled in the mountains to the East of Kanku. The contents of the Wall are completely unknown, and overtime, a small community has built itself at the main entrances into the structure. None have ever come back out of it. This has naturally attracted fortune seekers and adventurers to cross the dangerous jungle or hire someone who knows how.

Besides the Wall, the jungle is the subject of several weird and dark stories, including weird races of beings, dangerous monsters, and ruins from some lost society of the past. Some expeditions focus on finding these ruins and treasures, and many hunters prove their worth by bringing the head of the strange beasts that dwell in Kanku.

To the north east, near the edge of the forest, lies a hunter’s town where most expeditions start, called Poacher’s Dirk. Most people who wish to enter the jungle, usually travel here first and pay large sums for good guides and safety while travelling.

Kanku jungle

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