Alphadron is a port and trade city situated on the west coast of the continent of Karramesh, located north of the Rocky Deaths, and South of the Long Barrier Cliffs. It stretches for a few miles inland, until one reaches its walls, and after that, fields of agriculture that feed the city. Past these fields, sparsely populated hills and patches of forest run and finally, one reaches the Crescent Peaks, a mountain range that encircles the whole area.

The only safe access by land to the valley where the city lies, are to the north and south, where the mountains taper out. The northern passage is the location of a scout village, Safebell, a sort of satellite settlement for Alphadron. The southern passage leads into the Cliffs of the Rocky Deaths, an unmanned, unsettled area where monsters, savages and evil creatures dwell.

Alphadron is considered a wonder of the world. Due to its secure port, its lax trading laws, and its unique position between two of the great civilization hubs of the world(the Great Metropolis and Krunn the Northern jewel), it has thrived on trading and market. It is also the starting point for many sailors who seek to explore the open sea beyond the continent. This suitable, protected city fostered for many years a great deal of science and magic, skyrocketing its technology and defenses beyond anything existing in Karramesh. It’s streets are lit with glowing lamps that seem to use no oil or flame. Every major road is cobbled or paved, The buildings grow taller than any other in the world. Structures are covered in glass, and some are built in metal and iron. People are individualistic and ambitious, and trade rare riches and goods, some of which most people in the world could not recognize.

The city has its dark underbelly however. The powerful guilds and lax laws allow for corruption in the upper echelons, and crime in the lowest and poorest. There is a heavy class system, where the ultra rich get special treatment amongst the law. Drugs are rampant in the poorer places, and the technological richness of the city does not extend fully to its lower citizens. A lot of it is accessible to only those who can afford it. Although it is an election which chooses the new set of leaders of the city, money sways votes heavily, and so the offices are usually filled with yes-men or powerful people who want to see their personal objectives furthered. It is a city of extremes, fervor and ambition.


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