Gayah is falling.

Gayah is a place of magic wonders, kingdoms, undead emperors, mysterious structures, wonderful cities, and mostly, normal folk living their lives.
Karramesh is the name of the continent where the stories happen, where all of our heroes come from.

To the South, an empire of the sun, with uncanny success in military and diplomatic campaigns, encroaches and threatens to conquer everything around it.

To the East, a strange structure known as the Wall, calls more and more adventurers to discover its secrets.

To the West, the great city of Alphadron surpasses the world around it in technology and knowledge, seeming to alienate the rest of the continent.

And to the North, warring kingdoms of Nords fight each other to determine who will rule them all.

And alll around the world, the Void, an encroaching force of aberrations, creatures and dark powers, that terrorize everyone, poses a totally new danger to Karramesh.

In all these places, a sense of unease and fear permeates everyone’s conscience. Void creatures increasingly invade and terrorize the world, only culled and stopped by the noble order of the Void Walkers. Unstable magic, of proportions unseen, destroys towns and families. Tragic events and betrayals happening more often. The world feels like it’s falling to chaos and destruction. And the truth might not be far from that assumption.

Gayah Falling