Gayah Falling

The tale so far
Still in the Wall.


5 players(Adam, Tiago, Marisa, Alex, Borges) began their first serious campaign in DnD with me, their DM, Rob. They start outside in a giant forest, travelling together in a caravan, all headed to the Great Wall, a structure, miles long, and hundreds of meters tall, that resides far off East, in a mountain range, past this giant forest. Their characters at the start:

Harald the Witcher(Tiago), the last Witcher of his school, who has come to the Wall in a last ditch effort to bring back his master from the dead, and reignite their school. Witchers are monster hunters, physically altered and taught from childhood to hunt beasts, monsters, and aberrations.

Miazaki(Marisa) is a genassi soldier from The Empire of The Sun, a giant nation, that has been conquering and spreading through military successes. Though they show a friendly face and noble intentions, the reality of those who live in the empire is one of oppression. Miazaki was not one for conformity, and after being forced to fight in the army with her impressive skills, she is deemed too dangerous and is exiled to the Wall, under the guise of an expedition in the name of the Emperor. This is a common punishment, and she has no choice but to obey, else her family suffers a similar fate…

Rhogarr(Alex), a secluded drow, has already arrived in the gate town that stands by one of the entrances into the Wall. He is a sorcerer, with scales of silver on his body. He hides this deformity, and himself, as both a drow and an abnormality attract dangerous attention. He seeks answers to his past, where his power comes from, and who his parents are.

Edward(Adam). a thief, dislikes fighting, and lives off of lies and cunning. He makes his living by extracting money and information from fools. He steals, lies, tricks, manipulates. He doesn’t mean harm or wants people dead…he just takes from those who fall for his traps, and half the time, they don’t even realize they fell for it. But, thieves are jealous and territorial things. As his skill and notoriety grew, The Thieves Guild took notice. They kidnapped his girlfriend, hid her, and issued an ultimatum: “Go find out whats in that Wall. Bring us some info, or treasure, and maybe some prospective business. Or die there. Either way, leave, or she dies.”. So he left.

Phillip(Borges) is a big singer and performer, a bard, and brother of Edward. His true cash though, like his brother, comes from illicit means. It comes from the counterfeiting and trafficking of drugs and narcotics, using his travelling performance as a front business. He tries to look out for Edward, using his influence and connection to stir away dangerous folk. But even he can’t control the Guild. The least he can do, is escort his brother himself.

Those are the characters, those are the players, and their backstories. They arrive in a small town after passing the giant Kanku Forest, they join together, and in a ceremony that looks more like a funeral, they’re escorted to the entrance. They walk into the Wall, a giant black hole of an entrance.
For what looks like forever, they walk straight forward. The Wall is unthinkably thick. But they do see a light finally, and when they exit, they find a lost paradise. A lush land, with forest, mountain, prairies…and corpses. All piled up near their exit, as if trying to leave. They look back, and there is no exit….Just a thick, straight lean wall. As if nothing was ever there.

After exploring, they immediatly notice the Wall is not a single straight wall, but a circle enclosure, miles in diameter, so big that it crosses the horizon. They find people living here, and near the other end of this circled wall, a big city, founded by those who came before them. Here they make alliances and enemies, notably with the local thief Finn the Cut. Finn tells them of special places that hold some significance with the Wall and tasks the players with finding and reporting on these places.

The players fight through undead, aberrations, fairies and cave creatures and go to each of these places, where they are imbued with a mark on their body that grows for each place they visit. They encounter old ruins of an ancient kingdom, magic and mistery about the past of this place. After all marks, they report to Finn, and decide on venturing into the next entrance. The city sits by a giant staircase, and at the top, an exit out of this wall.

As a side note, by now one of the players, Adam, has changed characters. Edward is left in the city, scarred by the killings they’ve done, and will live and be tutored by Finn. His new character, an insane warlock Monk, joins them.

A new player, Ferreira, also joins them with his character, an old gruff fighter, Bartolomeo. He is tired and wishes to find one last adventure, to end his life with.

So they ascend to the entrance, where a golem faces them in combat. After crippling it and proving themselves, the golem shoves them down an entrance, and the players leave this ringed place.

They arrive…in another ringed wall. This time, big chasms, mountains, and steep falls ahead. To the north, what seems like an endless prairie. As they traverse the cliffs, they come accross an encampment of fellow adventurers. They speak of being at a loss since their leader went missing, and something is off with one of them. After leaving them, the players head to the prairies(the rumors of Drow living and ambushing on the cliffs sways them from travelling in them). These prairies are inhabited by 3 tribes, and the players are taken in by one of them, the multiracial Alan tribe. Here they meet their leaders, who tell them of the Great Wall, how they all must be tested in it, and their relations with the 2 other tribes, the Orcs and the Goliaths. The Orcs are special in that their encampment sits guarding the only passage in the prairie to the other exit of this place. To move on, the players must risk the cliffs, or face the Orcs. They’re told they can rally the Goliaths and the Alan tribe to their cause if they perform an heroic feat, respected by all tribes in the valley. A mystical being, called the Hunter, preys on any who traverse the planes in the night. He stalks with his torch, and kills all it sees, cackling in the dark. THey must travel to his lair, and bring a trophy.

Prepared they traverse the valley, facing an orc ambush, and arrive a rocky formation, surrounded by grave marks. They find embedded in the rock, as if fused with it, a buried mansion. Inside the dark cold mansion, a dining hall awaits them, and it is here the Hunter arrives. A death knight, cursed from the Old Kingdom, still seeking out the enemies it was sworn to fight.The players trick it momentarily, but the ruse does not last, and they fight. It goes poorly. The monk, Adam’s character, dies. His life sucked out of him. The NPC accompanying, one of the adventurers they find in the cliffs, sacrifices himself to let the party escape with the trophy. 2 people lost, but they achieved their mission and head back to the tribe. Here they are revered, and plans are set in motion to assault the Orcs. The Goliaths will join them.

On the day of the assault, the players mount a stealthy invasion by a couple of them, as the troops face the main force by the orc walls. The invasion is successful and the players manage to let their troops inside. The battle is chaotic, and at the last minute, the lonely bridge used to cross the cliff to reach the wall exit, is being hacked. The players decide to book it, and run the bridge, leaving the tribes to fight amongst themselves. The bridge collapses , and Miazaki nearly falls to her doom, if not for the intervention of Adam’s third and current character, Virgil, the Tabaxhi bounty hunter.

With no way to cross back, the players move forward, and reach the giant exit, adorned by statues to its side. Here a couple of void Walkers have failed the test to enter, and the players meet their tester: A giant undead sphynx. They are tasked with a choice, each one, a test of morals, cunning, and bravery. By the end, they have convinced the sphynx, who opens the door, and lets them through.

As the other times ,they cross a big distance in the dark, before finally seeing light. The walls are thick with vines, and when they emerge, they witness a beautiful sight. A giant jungle, covered with fog, rain, sunlight, sounds of animals. And in the horizon, a roaring volcano.

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