Gayah Falling

To the serpent in the mountain

The party, after a well-deserved rest at frog camp, awake to find the cat monster butchered and skewered. They are given by the frog boss, information relevant to their situation.

The exit of this place is complex. They require a key, broken in parts, and a magic spell. After acquiring both, they must head to the old temple where the snake people reside, and perform a ritual that will take them out of the jungle.

The magic spell is offered, as the frog camp is set atop old ruins, and an ancient rock, only accessible to the chiefs, is shown to the players.

When they gaze upon it, the words undecipherable at first, twist into shapes they understand, words they can speak. They know the spell.

As for the key, the elder gives them the raw truth. The key is lost atop the volcano, where a giant fire serpent guards it.

Reluctant but determined, the heroes don fire resistant apparel, and head to the mountain.

Along the way, Harald has been acting weird. Despite suffering major injuries, he feels fresh and renewed, and constantly hungry. The party notes this, but the escape is a more pressing matter.

Along the way to the mountain, they are again ambushed by undead wights, of the kind that has been chasing them throughout their adventure.
At a crucial moment in their battle with them, an old friend appears.

After dealing with them and crossing the forest, the landscape changes and slopes up, until they are on barren ash lands, climbing the dark mountain. Strange lizard creatures face them, and the heat grows as they ascend. Half way up, they find a cave entrance, skeleton corpses dotting around it, and heat waves that make them close their eyes come out of the cave.

They venture forth inside, to find a lava stricken cave, riddled with fire lizards…


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