Gayah Falling

The moment of courage

Entering the magmatic cavern, the party was met by more guard drakes of fire. First ambushed by two leaping from lava pools, and in a geyser room, where their vision has been blurred, by two others.

After clearing these pets, they enter the cavern main room, a giant tall space, with lava covered rivers and lakes, and stone passageways above them leading deeper into the cave. The ceiling also contains a giant hole connected to the outside. As they venture forth…

A voice booms. Slippery and whispered, but deep and all around them, asking them what they came here for, and invited them to come deeper. The room shakes after, causing falling debris and tremoring the ground, demolishing some of the walkways.

The party finally reaches the end of the giant room, where a treasure hoard awaits them. But behind them, a big red dragon emerges from the lake and cuts off their way.

They try to engage in conversation with it, but fail miserably.

Battle ensued and the dragon nearly wipes them all out, but they all bravely fight back, and Rhogarr, knowing a bit of his past now, manages to overtake the curse on the staff he wields, and unleashes all his power on the dragon, slaying it with one final Frost bolt through its skull. The volcano, now unchained from the magic tethers of the dragon, starts to rumble and the room begins to go to hell. The party rushes out flying thru the hole in the ceiling, nearly losing Virgil, who after a suspenseful wait, emerges from the hole behind them.

They defeated the serpent in the mountain, and Rhogarr’s brother was avenged.


robert_ferreiraw90 robert_ferreiraw90

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