Gayah Falling

Exploring the Jungle

The players have reached a new territory in the Walls, a giant jungle, with a volcano far in the distance. This place is Nêl.

They soon learn the inhospitable temperature, humidity, noise, fauna and flora have caused them to overtime, exhaust and not catch decent rest. It is a constant issue and arises in the coming events as a obstacle. When they fight, they will be unfocused. When they track, or investigate, their senses aren’t acute. It is difficult.

They encounter frog people, snake people, ancient lizards hunting in packs, and a hunting creature, tracking them.

They decide to follow the snake people(with Virgil’s talented tracking skills) and find their home: an ancient pyramid, of strange arquitecture, clearly not built by them.

They find out the snake people wish to leave, and have a way to do so by gathering certain things and a ritual upon their pyramid..

The players run, chased by them, and encounter the frogs. There they will exchange help and information, if the players resolve their issue: catch the hunter, a creature that has been hunting their kind for generations.

The players go to its lair. They fall for traps, pass by an ancient library of the people who ruled this land long ago, and reach a cliff where they face the hunter, a horrifying and deadly half-man, half-tiger creature. It drops one, and nearly kills a few of them, but they capture it and drag it back to the frog people, burned, cut and tired. They collapse for sleep in their village, and await to wake up the next day, unaware of what comes next…


robert_ferreiraw90 robert_ferreiraw90

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